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Point Break LIVE! Special Late Night Show: 3/18 @ 10 PM!

Radical! Awesome! Bitchin'! NITE SURF EDITION

So much fun we had to add one! Join us late night, Saturday March 18th at 10 pm for a special late night edition of Point Break LIVE! For this special late night show, one lucky audience member will win a beautiful 8×10 of Johnny Utah and Tyler, AUTOGRAPHED by LORI PETTY!  Our director personally obtained this autograph at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle last weekend, where he met the star of Point BreakTank Girl, A League of Their Own and Orange is the New Black. She loves Point Break LIVE and says she has been in the live stage show twice, once as Tyler and once as Johnny Utah.

Lori Petty, Tyler in Point Break, autographer of picture up for raffle!

To find tickets for other dates/times, please visit the main event page.

Funhouse Lounge is totally stoked to bring back the smash hit: Point Break LIVE!, an over-the-top stage adaptation of the 1991 Keanu Reeves/Patrick Swayze extreme sports blockbuster, Point Break.

The audience doesn’t just watch this show, they are part of it. Each night, the audience chooses who will play “Johnny Utah” from a group of audience volunteers who audition for the role. The lucky winner gets his/her lines via cue-cards so as to capture the *raw acting talent* of Keanu himself. But there’s more; from being robbed by bank robbers in presidential masks, to be doused with spray from the surf, the audience is fully immersed in this show (fake money and ponchos are available at the door).

Point Break LIVE! ran for 9 years in San Francisco, 6 years in LA, and is currently enjoying a successful run in New York. Don’t miss out on what promises to be a totally tubular, bitchin’ rush like nothing else in Portland. Live the Ride, bra’!

Tickets start at $20.

SHOWTIMES: Saturday March 18, 10:00 pm, doors at 9:30 pm

All ages welcome–this show is rated PG-13ish/R for adult language, themes, sexual situations and totally tubular surfing.

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