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Masking and Vaccination Policy as of August 30, 2022:

VACCINATION:  We no longer require proof of vaccination or a current test, but encourage everyone to get vaccinated. MASKS: While we will no longer require masks, we do strongly encourage wearing them while watching the show (when not actively eating or drinking). It is relatively close quarters and it just makes it safer for everyone. 

Please do not attend our show if you are feeling sick in any way, we will refund your ticket. Our actors will not be masked during this performance.  This information is provided so each patron can make a well-informed decision based on their own personal comfort level.  These guidelines may change prior to performance.

Q: I can’t make it to the show! Can I get a refund?

A: Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide a refund for your tickets if you aren’t able to make it to the show. That said, if tickets are still available, you can buy tickets for a different date or time for the same show, and we’ll refund your original order. Just send us an email at to get that process started. Please include the details of your original purchase to refund and the new purchase so we know how to help. As an aside, depending on the show, you may be able to find other interested parties on the associated Facebook event page, especially for our most popular and traditionally sold-out shows (cough, cough, Die Hard, cough, cough).

Q: I purchased too many tickets! Can you refund me for the ones I don’t need?

A: To ensure our ticket listings are as accurate as possible and all available tickets are accessible to folks interested in the show, we aren’t able to refund purchases (even accidental) of excess tickets. But what an awesome opportunity to connect with that old friend you haven’t caught up with in way too long or finally bury the hatchet with your in-law that gave the inappropriate speech at your wedding! Of course, you’re also welcome to try to sell your tickets to interested parties through the show’s Facebook event page.

Q: Can you transfer my tickets?

A: We can’t transfer your tickets to a different date, but as noted above, if you’re able to buy tickets for a show you can attend and then shoot us an email at letting us know what’s up, we’ll be happy to get your first purchase refunded. Make sure to include the important details about both orders, like the name and email the tickets purchased under, and the date of the shows you purchased for, making it clear which order needs to be refunded.

Q: My tickets were purchased by a friend! What do I do?

A:  If you aren’t arriving, or maybe even not attending, with said friend, just check-in at the door under their last name. Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy!

Q: I don’t see any tickets attached to my confirmation email, what do I do??

A: Just like going to the movies these days, physical tickets aren’t required to attend any show. In fact, we’d love it if you did your part to help save the trees, and don’t even print your confirmation email! It is, however, helpful if you have your purchase confirmation email handy on your phone screen when you check-in at the door. If that’s not possible, or you simply prefer to print it out in advance, don’t think twice about it; we’re happy to help regardless of the medium of your confirmation email.

Q: Will my party be able to sit together?

A: General admission tickets are first-come, first-served. The earlier you arrive, the better the chance you’ll find a set of seats together to fit your group. We’ll absolutely do our best to seat your party together, however, GA tickets are not reserved. Please do your best to be early, especially with larger parties. If you want to make sure you get the seats you want, VIP tickets are now preselected, meaning what you pick is what you get, no matter when you arrive!

Q: I am running late! Will you save seats for my party?

A: As mentioned, general admission tickets are first-come, first-served, so having us save you seats won’t be possible. Don’t worry! There will certainly be a seat for each of your butts, though they likely won’t be together.

Q: Can I purchase tickets at the door instead of online?

A: So long as the show hasn’t sold out, you sure can! Keep in mind that tickets at the door cost more than tickets bought online in advance and are cash only. We highly recommend buying your tickets online and as soon as you can to avoid additional costs or potential heartbreak. 

Q: If I have a large group of people coming, all with General Admission tickets, are you able to save us a section so we can sit together?

A: We may be able to accommodate this kind of request for a nominal fee. The fee covers additional labor and keeps things closer to fair. as general admission tickets are unreserved. Basically, you’re paying to save your party’s seats, which sometimes isn’t such a bad deal! If you’re interested in exploring this option, please email us at least 2 days in advance. You’re also welcome to come early and save seating for your group.

Q: Are you handicapped accessible?

A: We are! To ensure the appropriate accommodations are made, please contact us at least a day before the date you’re attending.

Q: How do I sign up for Open Mic?

A: Just show up and sign-up! Sign-ups for our Open Mic occur in person, the night of the event, at the Funhouse, generally within 30 minutes of the mic starting. *Please note Friday’s Open Mic (and any other Open Mic past 10pm) is 21+ ONLY.*

Q: I have a question that regards Savages/Butter the Comedy Show/Guest Spot/Dark Web Tonight/Funny Jazz Talk/Comic Strip. . . can you answer it?

A: These and a handful of other shows, both recurring and one-off, are hosted by outside production companies or groups and Funhouse Lounge serves only as the venue. If you have a specific question or are looking to buy tickets, please reach out to the event directly. If you’re not able to find contact information for the show you’re looking for, we suggest heading to their Facebook event page.

Q: I don’t see a menu on your website, do you have food?

A: We do have food! We offer several varieties of pizza and nachos (GF), chips and salsa (GF, V), chips and queso, fresh hot popcorn, and theater candy. Please check with the bartenders when ordering food, they’ll be able to let you know the exact availability for the evening.

Q: Do you allow outside food?

A: Yep! But keep in mind,  unless you purchased a booth, your seat is just a seat.  No other table space is available in the theater. There are tables in our lobby and front patio if you need them.

Q: Are you 21+ over?

A: Funhouse Lounge is an all-ages venue until 10:00pm, after which we are strictly 21+. If you have any concerns about the age-appropriateness of a specific show or need clarification about any age restrictions, please reach out to us directly–we’re here to help!

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