Funhouse Lounge



Q: I can’t make it to the show that I purchased tickets for. . . can I get a refund?

A: NO. We have a strict no refunds policy unless you are purchasing tickets to a different date as a transfer, then we will refund your original order. However, do please send us an email ( and let us know if you are unable to use your tickets–we may be able to offer you tickets to a future show instead.  (Side note: if you cannot use your tickets consider posting it in the FB event page–someone may be wanting to purchase them from you.)

Q: I purchased too many tickets! Can you refund me for the ones I don’t need?

A: We will not. Either find more people to go with you or sell your tickets to someone.

Q: Can you transfer my tickets?

A: NO. We are unable to transfer tickets, however we suggest you purchase tickets for the date you can make it, then let us know (via email or FB messenger) and we will refund your original order once the new one goes through. This is the ONLY instance where we will refund an order.

Q: My tickets were purchased by a friend! What do I do?

A: You check in under the last name that the tickets were purchased under. No biggie.

Q: I don’t see any tickets attached to my confirmation email, what do I do??

A: Though it is written several places on our website, it seems to bear repeating: you DO NOT need physical tickets to present. Though please have your confirmation email handy (you can print if you like or on your phone) when you check in.

Q: If there’s 5 of us with GA tickets and we all show up just before the show starts, are we going to be able to sit together?

A: It is unlikely. Though we do our best to seat parties together, GA tickets are not reserved. Please do your best to be on time, especially with larger parties.

Q: I am running late! Will you save my 4 GA seats?

A: Nope. Chances are we are extremely busy checking people in, helping people find seats, answering questions, etc. It’s nothing personal, but please do not ask us to do that. Calling us during this busy time is not recommended.

Q: Can I purchase tickets at the door instead of online?

A: Please just purchase them online. You not only run the risk of them selling out, you will also pay more (and cash!) at the door plus it does not reduce the online stock, therefore we could easily oversell seats which is a mess we do not want to deal with.

Q: I have a huge party of people coming–we all have GA tickets. . . will you save us a section so we can sit together?

A: We are open to saving a section for a large party for a nominal fee. We recognize it is unfair to the other audience members who also purchased GA tickets if we save a spot for you as GA tickets are not reserved. Please email us at least 2 days in advance if you would like to explore this option. OR you can arrive when the doors open and save seating for your party.

Q: Are you handicapped accessible?

A: We are! However we do ask you contact us at least a day before the show you will be attending so we can make sure to save a spot for you if you are in need of extra space.

Q: How do I sign up for Open Mic?

A: Though the answer/s to this question are easily found on our open mic links on our website and on all of our FB posts regarding open mics, we still get asked this daily. You can just show up and put your name on the list with the host. *Please note Friday’s open mic is 21+ ONLY.*

Q: I have a question that regards Follies/The Gateway Show/Becky with the Good Jokes/SMUT/I’mma Leave You With This/Comic Strip. . . can you answer it?

A: Nope. For those shows we just serve as the venue host. We do not manage their tickets (nor can we sell you tickets to their shows) and we find all the info we need for those shows on FB just like everyone else. Please contact those shows directly–most of them have a “Send message” button on their FB pages.

Q: Do you have food? I don’t see a menu on your website!

A: We do have food! We offer several varieties of pizza and mac and cheese, a hummus plate (GF, V), chips and salsa (GF, V), chips and queso, a few side options and theater candy. Please check with the bartenders when ordering food, they can let you know the exact availability for the evening.

Q: Do you allow outside food?

A: Yep!

Q: Are you 21+ over?

A: We are all ages until 10:00 pm. But please do check with us if you are unsure about any kind of age restriction.