Funhouse Lounge


Why do I want a VIP seat?

  1. No waiting in long ticket line. All VIPs are brought to the front of the line when doors open each night.
  2. Your seat is reserved. You choose your seat numbers when you purchase them, so you get to sit where you want. And even if you arrive late, your great seat is there waiting for you.
  3. They’re comfortable These are vintage theatre seats. Just look at them; soft, plush, wider than our standard general admission chairs, with extra leg room and armrests too.
  4. These are authentic pieces of Portland history. Complete with striking art deco cast-iron endcaps made by artisans Heywood-Wakefield, these seats were originally installed in the Oriental Theatre, which was opened in downtown Portland in1927. In 1970, the theater was demolished, but the seats were moved to Alpenrose Dairy’s Dairyville Opera House. Dairyville is now no more, but these beautiful seats survive.

So the real question is, how could you NOT want a VIP seat?

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Every dollar makes a difference in reaching our goal!