Funhouse Lounge


A Little Dark Knight Music

POW! BAM! The Funhouse Lounge is pleased to present this brand new, original musical retelling of the origin and adventures of the Caped Crusader.  Drawing from the comic books, TV series, and countless movies, this show has it all;  Revenge, Love, Fear, Ninjas, Gargoyles, Schemes, Super-villains, Crime, Passion, a Secret Cave, a Signal in the Sky, a Butler and all those Wonderful Toys. Whether you are a die-hard Bat-fan or a newcomer to the legend, you will love this hilarious and heartfelt homage to Gotham’s Guardian. 

Written by the team that brought you the musical parodies of Pulp Fiction and Die Hard, this promises to be the show you need, and the show you deserve.

Evening shows begin at 6:45pm

Matinee shows begin at 2:00pm

Starring: Sean Ryan Lamb, Kenzie Chapman, Landy Lamb, Andy Barrett, Pip Kennedy, Kate Faye Cummings, Aurora Hernandez, Darrell McGee, Bethany Ziskind, and Andrew Poletto

Written and Directed by Andy Barrett

Music by James Liptak and Andy Barrett

Masking and Vaccination Policy as of August 30, 2022:

VACCINATION:  We no longer require proof of vaccination or a current test, but encourage everyone to get vaccinated. MASKS: While we will no longer require masks, we do strongly encourage wearing them while watching the show (when not actively eating or drinking). It is relatively close quarters and it just makes it safer for everyone. 

Please do not attend our show if you are feeling sick in any way, we will refund or reschedule your ticket. Our actors will not be masked during this performance.  This information is provided so each patron can make a well-informed decision based on their own personal comfort level.  These guidelines may change prior to performance.

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