Funhouse Lounge

Boob Tube

A Burlesque Tribute to Television

Don’t touch that dial, or attempt to adjust your television set!  Boob Tube Burlesque is bringing your favorites from TV to the stage! Classic TVLand, sitcoms, cartoons, dramas, all with a sexy twist, Live! and in person, for 2 nights only!  Why Netflix and chill, when you can Boob Tube and thrill?!

Featuring the talents of:
Baby B Stiletto
Cookie Sugar
Scarlett Thrustmore
Little Lioness
Bela Nocturne
Ellie Fox & Sparkle Kraken
Kitten A Round & Essie Hex
Pinky LaRue
Kat Van Dayum
Anna Nymph
Gamz Akimbo
Dame SinCyr
Bella Belini

Friday night hosted by the fabulous Mandy Khoshnevisan , and Saturday night hosted by special guest Dylan Hillerman as Drunk Batman!

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