Funhouse Lounge


The Comedy Show

The churning of cream transforms its components into a semi-solid emulsion that’s used to make things better. That product is called butter, so is this comedy show. 

It’s not the show that is butter, but those solitary moments that are shared by everyone at the show. 

This butter has silly antics, a try-hard host, and a steady showing of the funniest stand-up comics around.

The show will happen if you’re not there, but if you are, you’ll make it a lil’ bit better. See, you were the butter the whole time.

Hosted by Cam Strong

This show is on the second and fourth Friday of every month!

Doors 9:45pm / Showtime 10:15pm

21+ Only

General Admission – $10 at the door

Tip your actors!

All tips go directly to the cast!