Funhouse Lounge

Hughes-ical: The Musical!

An improvised tribute to the 80s teen films of John Hughes

Do you love the quirky teen romance/dramas of the 80s, like Sixteen Candles or The Breakfast Club? Then fire up your flux capacitor and step back to an era where a kid could sing on a parade float while cutting school, a geek could make out with the prom queen, and two nerds with a computer could create a girl out of thin air who’s way smarter than they are.
This show is, like, totally unscripted, created based on audience suggestions, and performed as a musical.
Featuring improvised music by keyboardist Matt Insley—and improvised lyrics and choreography by the cast—this show creates a brand new story and a brand new totally tubular soundtrack every night.

Extra contributions welcomed and encouraged

Every dollar makes a difference in reaching our goal!