Candle Set of 3


Illuminate your life with this set of 2 exceptional “Die Hard the Musical Parody” candles. Featuring our own Sean Ryan Lamb as John McClane and Landy Lamb as Hans Gruber, each is featured in a classic pose from the show, surrounded by memorable quotes and song titles. So join us as we celebrate the holidays all year long. Welcome to the party, pal!

While you cannot experience DomProv live and in person right now, you can have a little piece of it at home with you. Just light this Mistress Ivana meditation candle, and let your mind drift to scenes of the Mistress chastising Melissa,  telling Toadie to shut the f*** up,  screaming at Sweet Dee for another drink, or having Doug reveal his latest iridescent glittering speedo. Who knows, wherever she is, maybe she’s thinking of you at that same moment; calling you an idiot.