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Reservoir Dolls

A gender-swapped adaptation of Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs

Ms. Pink. Ms. Blonde. Ms. Orange. Ms. Blue. Ms. Brown. Ms. White. Jo Cabot. Nice Gal Edie.

After their big jewel heist goes terribly wrong, this colorful collection of thieves tries to figure out what happened. Is one of them a rat? Yelling, name-calling, gun-pointing, dancing, crying, torture and shooting will surely follow.

Tarantino’s cult classic, reimagined for the stage by Erika Soerensen. Featuring an all-female crew of murderous, desperate thieves. This girl power reboot is bloody good fun. All this, and you’ll learn the true meaning behind Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”.

Director: Andy Barrett

Featuring: Landy Hite, Tabitha Trosen, Mandy Stockholm, Lindsay Reed, Ophelia Darkly, Bethany Hankins, Bobbi Kupfner, Ryan Noel

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