Funhouse Lounge

Strapped In



$8 cover | 21+ | 10pm-2am | show at midnight

You showed up for us at our January resurrection in a BIG way, so this thing is quarterly now, folks! If you were there, YOU DID THAT! If you weren’t, LET’S DO THIS!

Strapped In is a queer party for the rest of us.

The world is a divisive, hard place to live right now — and queer spaces aren’t immune. Strapped In is about creating a culture of welcome through queer nightlife — consider it a love letter, written by and for all who show up.

(More about what Strapped In stands for at the end of this post!)

Dancing all night, queer af drag show at midnight!

Throw on whatever makes you feel happy, sexy, and free (Your thigh highs and jockstrap….your harness and lace…your t-shirt and jeans… you decide!) and meet us at Funhouse Lounge!

Host: Sugarpill

Performances from:
– Nightmare Ada
Jaxin Ryan
– Mona Chrome

– Viper
– Joni
– Carly

Design: Zepheur

Photography: Austin Mckee

** Strapped In strives to be a body-positive, sex-positive, all-gender space working to minimize oppressive forces of racism, misogyny, transphobia, and the like. We need your help with that! Please keep yourself and others accountable. Consent is mandatory—ask before touching, and only yes means yes. Reach out to a member of the Funhouse Lounge staff or someone involved in the event if you need help or feel unsafe!

Venue is ADA Accessible, though it may be difficult to navigate hallways/doorways with some mobility devices. Please reach out to Funhouse Lounge first with specific questions (they know the venue best!), but don’t hesitate to contact Sugarpill!


All of us who produce, perform in, DJ, and gogo at Strapped In are queer as fuck. Most of us are trans. We’re creating the world we want to live in.

The world is a hard place. The queer community isn’t immune to that, but it shouldn’t be that way. It’s difficult enough for people like us, so don’t treat each other like shit. We welcome each other, and together we respect the night.

We say it often, and we mean it — kindness is sexy. Queer sexuality shouldn’t be taboo. Several folks have told us that Strapped In is one of the queerest nights in town, and the first public event they felt comfortable wearing a jockstrap to. Our bodies — all of them — are beautiful. Our love — all of it — is beautiful. We — all of us — are beautiful.

This night exists because there’s something missing from queer nightlife. We don’t claim to know exactly what that is. We provide easy opportunities for feedback and are ready to grow with you.

Extra contributions welcomed and encouraged

Every dollar makes a difference in reaching our goal!